Energy management

Manage all your fluids!

The multiplicity and renewal of energy and water contracts make it difficult to control these expenses. Monitoring your energy consumption is essential

Multiple benefits

The Energy Management System (EMS) e3m can be adapted to all of your buildings for a more sober and economical heritage. 


Stay in alert !

Live monitoring of your fluid consumption in real time. We warn you of any drift (water leak, overconsumption…)

Compliance with regulations

Implementation of actions to comply with the new energy standards for buildings

Savings made

Analyze your consumption to save energy

An efficient communication

Develop your environmental impact with citizens/customers by presenting them your energy data

Energy fluids
Système de Management de l'énergie

Share a common vision of your assets between these different departments (education, sports, technical, finance, etc.).

Have a multi-fluid repository of all your buildings automatically transmitted by the distributors of your supply contracts.

Easy Available within your IT department, SILENO Ag’s e3m software is the European reference tool for Energy Management.

Available on computer, mobile and tablet, this Energy Management System warns you in case of any drifts (overconsumption, water leaks, exceeding established thresholds, etc.) and adapts to all your buildings for a more sustainable use of your energy.

They talk about it !

Zéro Wattheure helps us significantly reduce our energy consumption. We have a clear and precise view of our consumption to allow us to move towards a sustainable building stock

Caroline Herbert

Energy Manager, City of Massy |City with more than 50k inhabitants

This system allows us to study our consumption in order to make savings and to report any drifts in all fluids. It also allows us to access the real consumption of our installations on the same platform.

Christophe D'angelo

Energy and fluids manager, City of Palaiseau |City with more than 35k inhabitants

Make big energy savings now !