The best Smart meter is french !

With their Linky Smart meters, Enedis takes the first place in the ranking and becomes the smartest DSO (Distribution System Operator of energy distribution networks) in the world. 

The Smart Grid Index (SGI) is a simple and quantifiable framework that measures smartness of power grids globally, in seven key dimensions : Monitoring & Control, Data Analytics, Supply Reliability, Green energy, Der Integration, Security, Customer empowerment & Satisfaction.

Notation that Enedis obtained for its pole position

With a notation of : 96.4/100, Enedis leads the way in 6 out of these 7 dimensions : Security, Green energy, Monitoring & Control, Data Analytics, Der Integration, Customer empowerment & satisfaction.

The benchmarking made by Spgroup also identifies best practices to build smarter grids that deliver better value to customers. Europe is leading in renewable energy penetration.


Enedis (french power grid operator and subsidory of EDF) is a public service company managing the public electricity distribution network of 95 % of France. Linky smart meters are being deployed nationwide in France. There are currently 35 millions of Linky meters deployed. The Linky meter promote the development  of renewable energies and allows to act on energy management. With our solutions we can easily connect your IOT solutions to it. 

If you want to implement your IOT solutions in France and gain access to millions of Smart Meters, contact us ! We help you connecting your solutions to millions of smart meters : electricity, gas, water… you name it !

All of the graphics are courtesy of Spgroup that you can find here

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